Canterbury Art Show 2021
St. George's-by-the-River
Labor Day Weekend Sept. 4th - Sept. 6th
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         St. George's-by-the-River Episcopal Church   7 Lincoln Avenue, Rumson, New Jersey 07760  Phone:  732-842-0596
About the Show
There are 6 segments in the show please refer to the prospectuses for detailed information. Artist Participation Form deadline is May 9th, Teen Artwork Participation Form deadline is June 27. Click on category name below to 
view the prospectus for each section of the show. Click on the forms to submit your artwork. 

Juried: Up to 3 entries of original artwork framed or wrapped canvas.                                           

Non-Juried Original Artwork: Up to 5 entries of original artwork framed or wrapped. 

Non-Juried Un-Framed Matted Originals or Prints:  Up to 10 entries, original or 
prints, un-framed, matted and wrapped.

Non-Juried Original Large Art: 1 entry in excess of 864 sq. in.

Non-Juried Dimensional Art: Up to 5 entries not exceeding 84 in. high and 4 sq. ft. floor space.

Non-Juried Teen Artwork: Up to 5 entries of original artwork, framed or wrapped canvas.

Art from Artists:  Donate up to 4 pieces for raffle held on Monday

Artists-at-Work:  Paint inside church or on grounds of church

Important Dates for Artists

May 9              Artists Participation Form Due

June 13           Juried Artwork Submission Form and JPEG Images Due 

June 27           Teen Artwork Participation Form Due 

July 18            Artists Notified of Jury Results by End of the Week 

August 8          Non-Juried Original Artwork & JPEG Images, Non-Juried Unframed Matted Original or Print                         Art, Large Art & JPEG Images,  Dimensional Art & JPEG Images and Teen Art                         Submission Forms Due 

August 15        Art from Artists and Artists-at-Work Submission Forms Due and Notification of Accepted                         Large Art and Dimensional Art Pieces 

August 29        12pm - 4pm Artists Drop-Off Artwork

August 30        10am - 4pm Artists Drop-Off Artwork

Sept. 4 - 6        Show

Sept. 8            10am - 4pm Artists Pick-Up Artwork