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Art Show  
Labor Day Weekend 
August 31 - September 3, 2018 

Meet the Artists Reception 
& Preview/Sale 
Friday, August 31, 2018

Complete this form to participate in Artists-at-Work and to make a donation of artwork to Art-from Artists 
due by August 12th

Artist Participation
General Canterbury Art Show Requirements

-  All artwork must be priced with the true intention of selling the artwork.

-  The Canterbury Art Show (St. George’s-by-the-River) will retain 30% commission 
    on all artwork and auction pieces sold.

 Artists 18 years and older are eligible to participate in the adult segments of the show.

-  Teens (ages 13 - 17) are eligible to participate in the Non-Juried Art-by-Teen segment.

-  No artwork will be accepted without prior registration and an inventory list.

-  The Canterbury Art Show reserves the right to use digital images of accepted and 
    exhibited artwork for the purpose of media, website, public relations and advertising.

How to participate in the Canterbury Art Show

The Canterbury Art Show provides a high-quality venue to show, sell and receive awards for artwork.  Artists age 18 and over can choose to participate in any or all of the show's segments. Teens between the ages of 13 - 17 can participate in the Teen section. 

The Juried Gallery  -  Non-Juried Treasures  -  Non-Juried Portfolio Pieces 
Non-Juried Large Art  -  Non-Juried Teen Art  -    Live Auction

Details for each of these segments can be found on the corresponding pages of this website and in the Artist Prospectus. Artists do not need to be present during the show. Based on artist input, we have provided for a discount if you wish to enter 3 categories, Juried, Non-Juried Treasures and Non-Juried Portfolio Pieces. 

Artwork will be accepted in the following media: Watercolor, Oil, Pastel, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Drawing, Graphic, Photography, Digital Photography, Etching, Lithograph, Silk-Screen, Stone-Block and Rubbing. No off-set, computer art, 3-D or crafts are eligible.

Please read the prospectus and complete the Adult or Teen Artist Participation Form to submit your registration form on-line and pay the entry fee(s). The form and fee(s) must be received no later than midnight May 13, 2018 in order for you to participate in the Canterbury Art Show. Please remember that space in limited.

If you decide not to participate in the show this year, but are interested in coming to our Meet the Artist Reception and Preview/Sale, you can purchase tickets on the Art Show and Reception Form located on the Show and Reception Tab, above.
New This Year: Non-Juried Large Art. We are accepting art larger than 864 sq. inches.
We are limiting this to 1 piece per artist. Additional information can be found in the prospectus.
Live AuctionAn auctioneer will facilitate the auction on Saturday September 1st, 
2-4pm. Participants can submit up to 3 pieces to the auction. Items can be paintings, photos, 3-dimensional work (in glass, stone, pottery, textiles, fine jewelry, ceramic, wood, metal and mixed media). Please refer to the Artists Prospectus for more information. Complete the Participation form and pay the entry fee by midnight May 13, 2018 in order to participate. 

Teen Artists. Teen artists (ages 13-17) are invited to participate in the show by completing the Teen Artists Participation Form, the form is to the right. Up to 3 original pieces may be submitted per teen and will be on display and for sale during the show in a specially-designated non-juried area. We will require the completion of a Parent/Guardian permission slip.

​Artists-at-Work. During the daytime show hours, you may paint and draw on the church premises so that patrons are able to see your creative process in action. If you are interested in participating review eligibility and guidelines in the Artist Prospectus and complete the form to the right. 

Art from Artists. We are inviting all participating artists to donate artwork which patrons have the opportunity to win. Tickets may be purchased during the reception and show each day and drawings will be held at the end of each day. Last year, artists donated 39 art works and this feature was a huge success! If you are willing to donate 1, 2, 3, 4 or more pieces for this drawing, complete the form to the right.

Teen Participation Form

Artists Participation Form, Auction Participation Form and Payment Due 

Juried Artwork Submission Form and JPEG Images Due

​Artists Notified of Jury Results by End of the Week

Non- Juried Treasures and Portfolio Artwork Submission Forms Due

Auction Items Submission Form & Teen Artwork Submission Forms Due

​Art from Artists and Artists-at-Work
Submission Form Due

Notification of Auction Pieces and Large Art Accepted 

​Artists Drop-Off Artwork

Artists Drop-Off Artwork 

Meet the Artists Reception & Preview/Sale 

Canterbury Art Show


Artists Pick-Up Artwork

Important Dates for Artists

May 13

June 14

July 15

August 5

August 5

August 12

August 12

August 26, 12pm-4pm

August 27, 10am-4pm

August 31, 7pm-9pm

September 1, 2, & 3

September 1, 2pm-4pm

September 5, 10am-4pm
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Participation Form
due by May 13, 2018